aka the boring stuff

  • Texas born and raised! No I don’t own a pair of boots or any cows…… Texas is so much more than that!

  • Fur mom to 2 rescue dogs - Winston, a 3 year old American Bulldog and Apollo, a 3 (?) year old Bully.

  • Graduate of an an ICF Coach Training program

  • A Course in Miracles student.

  • I have a Phd in Education, but my first dream was to be an FBI Agent.

a few fun facts!

  • The movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” inspired me to change my life - it is a MUST WATCH for anyone who wants to change their life, but isn’t sure how.

  • Traveling is my weakness - the more remote and off the grid the better! I love to experience foreign cultures, not just visit them. I almost died off the coast of Nicaragua…… seriously.

  • I am a total book nerd! One of my hobbies is attending book signings, I have met some amazing authors - Jodi Picoult, Augustine Burroughs, Khaled Hosseini just to name a few!

  • I interviewed for a job with the Secret Service my last year in college. Unfortunately it was for their financial crimes division and I was looking for something a bit more exciting!