You Can Have the Dream Life - starting NOW!

Struggling with the idea of wanting MORE, and feeling guilt for not being appreciative of what you have? Society, and maybe even some people in your life are telling you to be grateful that you have a job, regardless of how it's affecting you.....You KNOW there is a different life available, you see it in the day to day lives of women you admire. Let me show you how that can be yours!

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Are You Living the Life You THOUGHT You'd Be? Part 1

Are you living the life you thought you would be?

Because this was the biggest realization for me over the last year, honestly the last two years - I was definitely NOT. I struggled with it for awhile - trying to force myself to be happy with what I was give - but it really hit hard this year, causing me to make some drastic changes and take some leaps without a safety net, hoping that when I took the leap the net would appear.

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To Create a Life You Love Do This ONE Thing

It’s Monday afternoon and I just got off a call with one of my favorite 1:1 clients. ……Ok who am I kidding you are ALL my favorites!

It was such an enlightening call for both of us, she walked away with a plan to change something she didn’t even know was holding her back, and I walked away with a deeper understanding of a cheesy quote…..

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