Is This Thing On?

Or “Finally getting around to putting myself out there…..”

Being vulnerable in the face of fear

So this is totally me right now. Ok its not really me - but you get the picture. While on the phone with a client this morning she asked me if I was telling my story effectively on my website, because she found it very interesting and empowering. Well that was an emphatic NO, as I didn’t even have the “About Me” page done! I have spent both time and money this month on website design and redesign, social media products and consulting, and probably a lot of frivolous things that are not truly effective at helping me reach my ideal client. But the “About Me” page still remains at the top of my To-Do list, untouched.

So, here I am on the phone with a client, coaching her on becoming empowered in her brand new business, totally believing in her ability to become authentic and vulnerable - and I am still hiding behind cutesy quotes, stock photos, and not doing the one thing that I am asking her to do! Am I the world’s worst Empowerment Coach?

No. At least I hope not! But what I am is human, normal, and a work in progress. And I truly believe that in order to effectively coach or guide someone toward a desired outcome we have to have travelled that road before. Literally walked a mile in their shoes. And with this comes the responsibility to myself and my clients to be continually assessing and developing myself, no matter how uncomfortable!

So I am still here, traveling down that path towards being 100% comfortable in being vulnerable and showing up authentically each and every day. Don’t get me wrong, I am miles ahead of where I was a year ago - even 3 months ago - but there is definitely still some mileage left in my journey! My commitment to myself, my clients (current and future) and my business is to step out from behind the screen and present to you, ME.

Here goes……………