Dreamt it then Real Life-d It!

How You’re Sabotaging Your Dreams and How to Stop Today!


I’m sure you’ve heard that one before, maybe you’ve even posted it as a motivational quote or IG caption yourself…..

But is it true?

Can we REALLY turn our dreams into reality?

Or is this just some more feel good bs that no one ever really attains?

I’m currently reading Wayne Dyer’s “You’ll See It When You Believe It” and although the book covers a wide span of thought provoking material, the bottom line is that our thoughts DRIVE our actions - whether we are conscious of it or not - and therefore create our reality.

IF you’re constantly thinking about how miserable you are in your current situation, your mind focuses on that reality and create more of it - not less. 

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On the flip side - if you are constantly thinking and dreaming of the day you will quit that job and start your successful _______ business, your mind focuses on THAT reality and leads you to engage in the very actions that will make it your reality.

The picture here is me spending my 39th birthday weekend at the Whitley Hotel in Atlanta, GA at Rachel Luna’s live event “Confidence Activated” and although that in itself may not seem like a big deal let me let you in on a little secret……


The 3 years leading up to 2019 I was overworked, over stressed and BURNT TF OUT  - and there seemed to be no end in sight. I literally could not imagine another way of life

Towards the end of 2018 I realized that the only way to change this was to get very clear on the reality I DID want, and take real, tangible steps to get there. 

One thing that I came up with was attending as many live events as possible, knowing that it would improve my mindset and snowball into other opportunities. I checked the pages and websites of all the female entrepreneurs and coaches I followed at the time, and if they had an event I signed up immediately - no questions asked!

So back to the picture…… by the time this was taken - June 2, my 39th birthday, I had attended 2-3 events already and…….QUIT MY JOB! 

Yes. With 20 years in public service, a PhD in Education, and interview requests from local school districts - I turned in my resignation without a second thought……….This would NOT have happened had I not created a vision and kept it in the forefront of my mind at all times - my thoughts actually changed my reality!

How does this resonate with you? What reality are your thoughts creating?

Drop me a line below - I’d love to hear!

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