You Can Have the Dream Life - starting NOW!

A reminder that you CAN have what you want in life!

Happy Wednesday! As we reach the halfway point in the week - or HUMPDAY as some like to call it - we often begin assessing where we are in life, for good or bad. 

Maybe your week is going AMAZING and you just can’t believe how lucky you are to be living THIS life! I hope that’s the case for each of you……

Or maybe you are just trying to make it through the next few days at work for that wonderful little slice of heaven we call the weekEND (Been there. Done that.)

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, in that uncomfortable place that comes with shedding the life that no longer serves you, yet you’re moving through the growing pains and anxiety of change.

A year ago I was in the first camp - overworked, unhappy, and literally counting the days each week - wondering if this is what life is supposed to be…..

I struggled with the idea of wanting MORE, and feeling guilt for not being appreciative of what I had. Society, and even some people in my life, told me that I should be grateful that I had a job, regardless of how it was affecting me.

Sound familiar? You KNOW there is a different life available, you see it on the ‘gram, and in the day to day lives of women you admire. Women who were able to boldly shed society’s expectations of them and create a life full of abundance & joy. Yet you can’t seem to make it happen for YOU.

So which path did I choose……. Did I succumb to the guilt and what those around me thought I should be doing? Or did I (and you can too!) create my OWN way?

Me in LA last weekend!

Me in LA last weekend!

Today? I am literally living the dream! Instead of trying to squeeze my tiny bit of personal life around a demanding 60-70 hour work week I now:

  • Make my own schedule

  • Travel to my favorite places with my favorite people (here I am in my Soul City Los Angeles!)

  • Work with school districts across the state to facilitate teacher growth and subsequently student achievement

  • Work with my 1:1 clients on kicking Imposter Syndrome’s ass!

  • Focus on my personal growth & wellbeing each and everyday

Can you visualize a similar life for yourself? Or does it all seem too far fetched, given where you are now?

What would be the ONE STEP you are willing to take today?

Know you want more out of life but don’t know where to start? I’ve been there - overworked. stressed out, still broke, and wondering if this was going to be the rest of my life.

It doesn’t have to be.

I made a life changing decision 2 years ago when I signed up with my first coach - and I haven’t looked back since. My life changed so much that even my (now ex) boss noticed….. and then I quit!

So what are you waiting for? Make today the first day of your DREAM LIFE!