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Please enjoy the testimonials from some of the greatest clients in the world! Although, I may be a little bit biased…

These women have made courageous, empowering decisions in their lives as a result of our time together, and I would love for you to do the same.




It was such a pleasure talking with Kenzie. She made the starting process of coaching a pleasure. She listened intently, she responded and gave her advice to the situation, she encouraged and set up an action plan to jumpstart my process. I’m excited to see how I can implement the plan and take the advice. I would definitely recommend Kenzie if you are looking for a coach.  

Heather B., Texas


Molly W.

Kenzie's coaching gave me a wonderful sense of being cared about and heard. I could tell right away that I could feel comfortable being honest and open with her.  Kenzie has a great ability to help you create self-awareness and clarity.  She skillfully coached me toward valuable insights for my own coaching practice, and I truly felt she was invested in my success.

Molly W., Kansas “Future of You is Fantastic”


Katie B.

Working with Kenzie is so inspiring. I was feeling lost in my business, and Kenzie gave me simple steps to get back on track. Even though our meeting was over video call, Kenzie’s caring enthusiasm shines through and I felt like I could accomplish the steps she set out for me during our call, and more! Thanks again, Kenzie. It’s always great working with you.  

Katie B., Vancouver  KB Scalp Micropigmentation


Livia V.

I reached out to Kenzie a few weeks after I started my own business. Confronted with the fact that I was by myself with no one really “getting it”, I got stuck into an anxiety spiral due to lack of self-confidence. I could not seem to gather my thoughts, focus, and make progress.

Being the self-help junkie that I am, I doubted that through one hour call I would learn something new (as bad as this sounds), because in theory I knew what I had to do. However, I still gave it a go because I felt like Kenzie’s personality alone can give me a wakeup call.

Well, after our first call, Kenzie helped me narrow my negative feelings down to the core problem. She also helped me create an action plan for the following week, so I could tackle all the issues and grow stronger. During our second call, she helped me understand the real value I bring to the table, so that I never feel that lack of confidence again. I felt so empowered and ready to take on the world!

In only two calls, Kenzie made a lasting change in my business and my mindset. I am forever grateful for her support, and I wholeheartedly recommend her if you are ready for a massive mindset change that will set you up for success!

Livia V., Brussels, Belgium

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