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Meet Kenzie,


Coach & Impostor Syndrome Warrior

I help women ditch the Impostor Syndrome and live the fearless, fabulous life they deserve!


From “Fraud” to FEARLESS!


Say goodbye to bullshit beliefs and hello to a whole new you.

Hey y’all! I’m Kenzie.

I’m a Certified Empowerment Coach and Warrior against Impostor syndrome. I help women shed their old and disempowering thoughts, realize their true potential & fearlessly pursue their dreams.

How did I get into this?

A few years ago I stumbled upon my first “life coach” clicking through a Facebook ad to sign up for the free webinar later that night. Little did I know that it would change my life. At the time, I was stuck in an endless loop of a toxic “situationship” with a person who would never be able to give me what I wanted – yet my lack of self-worth and completely disempowered mindset kept me going back. Again and again.

I’ll tell you all about THAT, but first...

Time for a story……It was 2012, and I was deep in the throes of heartbreak, alcoholism, and cripplingly low self esteem. Meanwhile, on the surface, I was kicking ass. An outsider would see a responsible school administrator earning her PhD, getting every promotion she applied for, driving a luxury car, and overall keeping her shit together. People honestly thought that I was killing it.

Literally, one woman actually told me that I had the perfect life.

But upon closer examination, they’d actually see a hot mess ruining family functions, boozing it up in bars, and nearly going to jail for DUI. I was the poster child of Impostor syndrome - although at the time I had never even heard the term. I had a complete lack of self worth, and a cycle of disempowering beliefs that would only lead to downfall, despite the apparent success I was portraying on the surface.


So eventually, I started going to some much needed counseling. Thankfully, it helped me get sober. BUT, it didn’t exactly make me feel empowered. I spent the better part of a year working and going straight home to watch Netflix. I was safe at home. Safe from alcohol. Safe from toxic relationships. Safe from my own mistakes. But I definitely wasn’t happy.


  • I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  • I hired my first coach

I realize these need a bit more explanation, so stick with me here…..If you’ve never seen the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it is the story of a man who lives a boring life, feels unworthy, and daydreams about the dream life he knows he will never have the courage to live.

WELL. On another of my super exciting late night TV binges, I watched the movie and had a complete revelation.

I watched it till the end, clicked off the TV, and immediately bought a ticket to Costa Rica.

Needless to say, it was the adventure of a lifetime, and I was inspired to actually LIVE.

The other life changer was my first coach, Danielle. She was a relationship coach, who I was drawn to after YET ANOTHER shitty relationship disaster. Danielle walked me through what was actually making me go into these relationships. Because while on the outside, I was a pretty, smart, and funny woman with so many redeeming qualities, I continued to date men who, frankly, weren’t even in my league. I continued to seek out their love to feel a worthiness that I couldn’t feel on my own.

She was an amazing relationship coach - but she actually helped me with so much more. She brought up why I worked so much and helped me examine other areas of my life that would bring me more confidence and help me thrive.

Through the art of masterful coaching I was able to shed my old, disempowering beliefs about myself AND take real, concrete steps toward a more empowering life. Once the toxic relationship was behind me, I was empowered to address other areas of my life that were not what I truly wanted them to be. One by one I began tackling them through coaching, online courses, books, and workshops.

This was the start of a long string of incredible coaches who would help me overcome all kinds of challenges in my life from love, to career, to entrepreneurship.

What I’ve learned throughout this process is that we actually ARE in control of our own lives – although most of us are either not aware of this or are too afraid to take action! I fell into both camps – although I have been successful throughout my life at reaching my goals despite any and every obstacle along the way, I realized that my goals weren’t truly aligned with the life I wanted to live. So many factors go into the mindset you currently have – your parents’ beliefs, early life experiences, societal beliefs…

I could go on and on. But when you strip it all away, it’s easy to find out why you aren’t happy. Because you aren’t living YOUR life!

By now you are probably nodding your head in agreement, and feeling a little bit anxious - because this sounds just like you.

I hear you.

I’ve been there.

Empowerment Coach

And that brings us here…….

From Fraud to FEARLESS

I finally feel like that woman who “has it all”

And when I say “all”, I mean a successful career, a growing business, AND a set of healthy, empowering, intrinsic beliefs.


I feel like a completely new woman.

I went from rock bottom to actually choosing my life every day.

I’ve got big dreams that I know I deserve and am empowered to take action on.

I am the CEO of my own company, traveling the world, and creating empowering relationships.

I no longer need to feel validated by other people’s opinions, and I have a true appreciation for what I contribute to the world.

Most importantly, I have a sense of absolute inner worthiness that cannot be broken.

Why am I telling you all of this? I want you to know that it can be different.

For me it was alcohol and a shitty love life.

For you, it might be an eating disorder, a food addiction, an abusive marriage, or a general feeling of unworthiness despite your outward success. Impostor syndrome happens.

Feeling like a fraud.

Like you’ve somehow tricked them into thinking you were better than you are.

Like they’re going to figure you out any minute.

Like somehow all the success you’ve had so far has just been luck, and at some point that luck will run out...

But even though it feels like you don’t deserve any of this, the fact is that you do deserve it, maybe even more so than others.

It’s time to take your life back.

Womens Empowerment Coach

This is where I come in.

Just like the many coaches I have worked with to get me to where I am now, I will stand by you in every way I know how, help you escape the grasp of whatever holds you back, and be a guiding light on your journey to self empowerment.

And because I have been there I know what it’s like to feel completely disempowered, but I also know what its like to take back control and start living life on MY terms. I didn’t do it alone, and you don’t have to either.

With me as your personal coach we will work together to identify the root cause of your disempowering beliefs, and together we will create and implement strategies to help you regain the control you so deserve.

There’s no need to spend tens of thousands on a million coaches in every area of your life, because I’m here to get to the root of it: your beliefs. Now let’s turn those beliefs from FRAUD TO FEARLESS.

I know you want to learn more, so click below to find out how we can work together!